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What do you do as a PhD student?
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A Masters degree, or its international equivalent, is often required for entry onto a PhD Course in Gurgaon and this is usually the case in arts and humanities subjects. In the sciences, however, students can sometimes progress directly to a PhD after their undergraduate degree. Typically, the PhD in management takes 4–5 years to complete. The structure is usually 2 years of intensive coursework (core courses and seminars) followed by a comprehensive examination. The dissertation phase is typically 2–3 years. The PhD degree - a simple definition. The term 'PhD' stands for 'Doctor of Philosophy'. In most cases, a PhD: ... Is the highest academic degree a student can achieve and is considered the de facto entrance qualification for a career in academia? Although MBAs will vehemently dismiss the need for PhDs in a teaching Job, most professors in top Business Schools have a PhD Admission in Gurgaon so if your goal is to be part of a prestigious institute like Harvard, Wharton or any other Ivy League Schools, doing a PhD after Executive or Full-time MBA would be a good move. Normally all candidates in Ph.D. program are required to be resident on campus. Candidates sponsored from reputed research organization, who are conducting their Ph.D. work co-advised by a reputed research organization, may be eligible to complete their Ph.D. off campus. Only for such sponsored candidates, the minimum residency requirement is 1 semester, during which they will need to complete the course requirements. However, a frequent visit to the Institution where admission has been taken is still normally required.

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